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Picture Gallery

From Left to Right: Mikey was a happy baby who was curious about everything.  He didn't have trouble making eye contact as an infant. Prior to this photograph being taken, big sister Susie frantically announced, "Mama!  Mikey flushed his-self down the toilet!" Mikey was fascinated with holes, drains, and all forms of plumbing. This was Mikey's first official school picture. He had a rough year, but looked quite studious in the picture. Mikey and his proud family at his high school graduation.  He made it! Mikey couldn't wipe the smile off his face during his entire trip to Africa with Grandma Larren, his graduation present from Grandma. On Mikey's last night in Africa, he enjoyed his cigar—as well as his father's cigar—out on the balcony of the hotel. Mikey felt most at peace in two places:  the mountains of Colorado and the farm in Oklahoma.  Here he is in the mountains.


From Left to Right: It was very hard for the professional photographer to get a picture of both Susie and Mikey without tears from Mikey.  He was afraid of the equipment. Diane dressed up for Halloween with Robin Hood (Mikey) and a Princess (Susie.)  Mikey was high on sugar and excitement. Mikey allowed Grandma Larren to hold him for a few minutes in her Minnesota fishing resort lodge. Mikey and Diane attend a University of Colorado football game to watch Susie lead her clarinet section across the field.  Mikey loved the hotdogs. One of the last pictures taken of Mikey with Diane and Susie, several months before he died. Mikey enjoyed a day trip to the mountains with his parents.  He's posing with Diane in front of the range. Mikey took this picture of Diane shortly before he died, so it's her favorite picture of herself.  She was looking at Mikey!


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