Two new books are available now.

I was hard at work during the month of January, pulling together a book I have been working on for several years.  It’s a relationship book, and I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears and tears and tears into it.  And laughter.  And more tears.  And finally, peace.  Who knew I would be 50 when I finally “found myself?”  Or to phrase it better, I discovered that I was just as valuable as the next guy.  Sometimes it takes us a lifetime to realize our own worth.  Relationships help us find it; they’re actually the greatest tool God gives us to learn about ourselves.  I’m still not finished with that book, and it still may be years in the making.  But in the middle of writing a chapter about communication break-downs, I got off on a tangent about all the new age electronic forms of communication, and how aggravating it is for those of us who want to have a real, honest conversation with someone. So I pushed the relationship book aside, and spent the next week writing day and night about the passive aggressive ways that people use electronic communication.  The end result:  Facebook:  The Greatest Passive Aggressive Weapon EVER;  Reconnect with your Self-Worth and Unfriend your Fear.  Yes, I’m poking fun at all the silently cruel ways people use social media to make their points, as well as how the truly passive aggressive people have perfected the art of the blow-off with text messaging, but I’m poking fun at all of us.  We all use some of these tactics from time to time, and it’s the cowardly way out of communicating with people who care about us. Cell phones are a blessing and a curse for communicating with people….who really don’t communicate.

Hopefully you’ll learn a few things, and have a few laughs along the way.  As I’ve finally learned, when we allow ourselves to be hurt by other people’s behavior, we only have ourselves to blame.  I offer tips for dragging yourself out of the gutter and approaching your pain from a different perspective.  We all are on our journey in learning to love ourselves.  Some of us just take the back roads.

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Hope you enjoy!